School Programs

MeadowRock Percussion has extensive experience in bringing music to children – as well as connecting music to broader topics such as culture, geography, history, math, and science.  Each of the programs below has been sponsored by the Pioneer Youth Programs, part of the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts based in Reno, Nevada.


Petroglyph: A Musical Evolution  Pete Fairley of MeadowRock Percussion joins David Blonski of Timeless Productions in this exploration of music from multiple cultures and historical eras. As students experience the sounds of instruments ranging from the didgeridoo and tabla drums to guitar loops and electronic percussion, Pete and David weave a narrative linking the ancient with the modern to demonstrate that all people share a love of music. Here is a quote about our school presentations from the Pioneer Center Youth Programs in Reno, Nevada:  “You have set the bar for what we would ideally like our programming to achieve:  talented, intelligent, relatable, passionate, energetic performers who are eager to share their love of their craft with the children of northern Nevada!”


Music of India   Imagine Chakrapani Singh playing ragas on North Indian slide guitar for your students, accompanied by Pete Fairley on tablas and Jim Eaglesmith leading songs in Hindi and English!  Our program includes Indian classical music, kirtan-style chants, and East-West fusion, along with lessons about the geography and culture of India.  Students will have opportunities to participate through song and rhythm, and a teacher guide is available to extend the experience into the classroom.


Drums Around the World   Pete Fairley shares several dozen instruments from many cultures across the globe in this program, playing songs, telling stories,  and encouraging audience interaction throughout.  From Brazil to Egypt, North America to India and beyond, students will get a taste of the musical flavors and rhythms that both fill our planet with diversity and express a common musical unity found in all people.


In Search of the First Musical Instrument   Members of Slow Djinn Fez lead an investigation into the different families of musical instruments and their history while playing both traditional and fusion music from the Middle East.  Dancers may add movement to the  program by special request! 


No Sticks & No Picks!  Dennis Fecko plays flamenco guitar accompanied by Pete Fairley on percussion in this exploration of acoustic music.  Students gain exposure to the music of Spain, participate in rhythm exercises, and learn how different musical traditions can combine into new creations.