Slow Djinn Fez

Slow Djinn Fez:  Middle Eastern / Jazz Fusion

Stirring Up a Tasty Musical Cocktail!

Bennett Kottler, Pete Fairley, Jim Grace, and Dennis Fecko

Slow Djinn Fez starts with traditional tunes from the Middle East, and then mixes in a variety of musical flavors.  Flamenco, Bossa Nova, Raga, Jazz, and Rock all make appearances in our songs, many of which are original compositions.  We have presented our music at many elementary schools through the Pioneer Center Youth Programs, and our recording, “Moonlit Arabian Nights” was part of a collaboration with the Asha World Dancers and the Wing and a Prayer modern dance company.  We especially enjoy playing in odd rhythms, such as Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five” and the nine-beat Turkish tune you are hearing now!

Now playing:  “Rompi Rompi” by Slow Djinn Fez