Petroglyph:  A Musical Evolution

Featuring Pete Fairley & David Blonski

Ancient instruments meet modern beats… Global cultures cross-pollinated through a fusion of sounds… Evocative atmospheres build to upbeat grooves… Petroglyph.

Petroglyph combines David Blonski’s multi-instrumental melodic and vocal skills with Pete Fairley’s study of world percussion and rhythm to produce new sonic flavors for their audience. The wide-ranging moods of the music flow from the array of instruments played by the duo, including flutes from Japan, Native America, and Europe, the Australian didgeridoo, and drums from India, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. Joining these traditional acoustic instruments are the electronic voices of guitar and drum kit, along with a variety of loops and samples.

Petroglyph’s listeners find themselves transported around the globe on waves of sound, hearing combinations of the unusual and the familiar, the contemplative and the energetic, the yin and the yang. Whether they respond with inner reflection or exuberant dance, they will experience a unique exploration of the world’s music!

Here is a quote about our school presentations from the Pioneer Center Youth Programs in Reno, Nevada:  “You have set the bar for what we would ideally like our programming to achieve:  talented, intelligent, relatable, passionate, energetic performers who are eager to share their love of their craft with the children of northern Nevada!”

Now playing a live version of  “Tandoori Emu” by Petroglyph, performed at a school assembly.