Pangaea Percussion & Winds:

The Ancient Lands that were Once Connected:

Holly Johnson, Pete Fairley, Rieko Shimbo, Steve Michaelis,

David Blonski, & Jim Eaglesmith


pangaea pyramid


Pangaea Percussion and Winds combined instruments and rhythms from across the globe, bringing the continents back together in a musical fusion.  We recorded two cds, the drum-centric “Spirit Safari,” and later, “Everything Spins,” which added melodic percussion, flutes, and didgeridoo to the drums featured in the first recording.  We performed for many schools as part of the Pioneer Center Youth Programs, and we collaborated with the Wing and a Prayer modern dance company and local Native American dancers to present a live music and dance performance of “Kokopelli: The Legend.”  Segments of Kokopelli are included on the “Everything Spins” disc, and you are listening to the final act right now! 


Now playing:  “Kokopelli Act IV – Spirit Realm” by Pangaea Percussion and Winds